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Retaining/Locking Products

keyless locking devices allow repositioning a component on a shaft to adjust alignment, synchronize position of that component with another, or for timing functions…

• Installation Tools
• Keyless Shaft Adapters
• Lock Nuts
• Lock Washers
• Power Lock
• Retaining Rings
• Shaft Collars

Mechanical power transmission products sometimes require accessory items to lock them in place to transmit torque or maintain position.

Technology advancements have improved the reliability and flexibility of products such as keyless shaft adapters, shaft lock collars, lock nuts, retaining rings, lock washers, and tapered shaft adapters.

Our product specialists have the knowledge required to recommend the right device for your application. BDI works closely with manufacturer partners to train both customers and our sales force on new locking devices. Our shrink discs, keyless locking devices, lock nuts, lock washers, and power lock are designed to the latest specifications.

The old standard keyseat and keystock for locking components to the shaft doesn't always meet today’s demanding high torque applications. BDI shaft collars, trantorque, ringfeder, ringspann, heavy duty keyless bushings and retaining rings will meet any challenge.

We also distribute bearings with 360° locking mechanisms for better reliability.

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